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Every color tells a story. Find a color that speaks to you.

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Big Lighting Sale going on now.

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Fall 2018

Timeless Flooring, Beautiful Lighting

We have you covered from floor to ceiling.

What’s New at Wacky’s This Spring

As 2018 gets warmer, the clock is starting to tick on Nova Scotians’ home renovation projects...

Installation Gallery

See our work with engineered hardwood and more!


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Wackys Atrium "Your One Stop Shop!"

Bright Lights, Beautiful Floors! Wacky's Widens Its Selection.

Timeless Flooring Options

A Refined Magazine article about Wacky's by Kate Watson.

Whisper — 2019 Color of the Year

The mood for 2019 can’t be captured in a single color alone. This year, we have a palette of hushed tones infused with a dusty softness.

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